Entry Policies

We encourage all patrons to arrive early to the venue to allow enough time for you and your guests to move through the security screening process. We suggest you leave any valuable and unnecessary items at home.

Please note that all bags will be searched prior to entering the venue. Bags, backpacks or purses cannot be larger than 14”x14”x6” and are not permitted in the venue. You may also be asked to empty your pockets of all items so they can be examined.

Certain events may involve pat-down searches. Pat-down searches will only be performed by qualified designated security personnel. Fans that refuse to submit to either a visual or pat-down search shall be refused entry.

At all Raptors 905 home games, and during certain events, entry may involve walk through metal detector screening. Fans will be asked to remove keys, cameras, cellphones, and sunglasses on their person.

Due to health and safety, all guests must wear a shirt and shoes at all times.

Prohibited Items List

Guests are prohibited from bringing the following items into the Paramount Fine Foods Centre:

  • No guns, knives, weapons, pepper spray, projectiles of any kind, or any other item that could be used to inflict harm
  • No replicas of any type of weapon
  • No drugs, drug paraphernalia, or illegal substances of any kind
  • No electronic smoking devices, including vapes and e-cigarettes
  • No beach balls, Frisbees, or inflatable objects
  • No laser pointers, fireworks, air horns, whistles, musical instruments, noisemakers, or drones
  • No jewelry or clothing that could inflict harm
  • No clothing with gang-related colours or profane graphics/language
  • No outside food or beverage
  • No backpacks
  • No bags or purses larger than 14″ x 14″ x 6″
  • No coolers, bottles, cans, containers, thermos’, refillable mugs
  • No professional audio or video recording equipment, including detachable lenses, tripods, zooms, or commercial use rigs. Please review our Photo Policy here.
  • No personal video cameras, Go Pros, or selfie sticks
  • No Flags, banners and signs that exceed 3’ x 5’ in size. No poles or sticks permitted
  • No chairs or stools
  • No skateboards, bicycles, wagons, or wheelie shoes
  • No full-face masks
  • No unsealed liquids or gels of any kind
  • No stuffed animals, toys, or projectile object of any kind
  • No animals, except for registered service animals
  • No strollers

For the safety and comfort of all fans, the Paramount Fine Foods Centre may prohibit any other item deemed to be a security risk or inhibits other fans’ enjoyment of an event. All guests are subject to inspection. Venue management reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone.

Water Bottles

Empty and soft-sided water bottles (with lids removed) are welcome in the arena. Hard shelled water bottles are strictly prohibited. Guests may fill up their empty water bottles at one of the drinking fountains along the concourses.

Re-Entry Policy

There is no re-entry to the Paramount Fine Foods Centre. Guests who wish to return a prohibited item to their vehicle or need to exit and re-enter due to personal emergencies must first make contact with a Guest Services Supervisor to make necessary arrangements.

Security reasons preclude Paramount Fine Foods Centre from allowing in/out privileges to individuals who choose to leave the building. Exceptions can be made in special circumstances through our guest service locations. In these situations, a Security supervisor will be called in to assist with your need.

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